Juan Pablo Villa - Wolfgang Eckert -  Izabella Effenberg 

"Virtual partner Residency" -   the project supported by Goethe Institut Germany 2021

Reflection of the personality, reflection of the soul. The project combines three different characters of musicians who find each other on the level of improvisation, experiment and bring each other to reason. Each piece should create a new sound space and tell a story. The components consist of sounds from rare instruments (including glass harp, waterphone, array Mbira), electronically processed recordings of the sounds and experimental, multi-layered singing. The musicians send each other tracks, develop them further and thus work on a common improvised soundscape. Juan Pablo Villa contributes contemporary and unconventional singing techniques. Wolfgang Eckert, for example, takes the sounds of Izabella's glass harp and uses them to prepare groovy or spatial carpets of sound. Izabella Effenberg plays and records selected instruments from her large collection. A surreal world emerges like painting.

3 countries are represented - Poland, Germany and Mexico. Music can connect and inspire people on different levels, build friendships and show people how important it is to cross borders, especially in the moment. Exchange of experience, inspiration, equality, future, mutual support, networking, togetherness, humanity, equal opportunities through creativity, cultural diversity.



Resonance connection 1. 

Resonance connection 2.


1. Doped Angels & Jammin Bros

2. Just Breath

3. RC LetsSingChiller

4. La Golondrina

5. The Forest

6. La Profundidad

7. RC Repetition Est Mater


More coming soon!