Glass Harp

Izabella also plays a glass harp (angelic organ, singing glasses) made by Glass Instrument Maker G2. This very interesting instrument made of special handmade, tuned wine glasses is played by running the fingers around the rim of the glasses.

The Breath

Yumi Ito - Voice


The set up of Izabella includes vibraphone, crotales, glass harp and array mbira and is probably one of the most rare set ups in jazz or classical music. She used it for example on a concert at the Jazz Baltica festival 2019 with famous german actress Katja Riemann and swedish Tromboneplayer Nils Landgren:



Izabella also collaborates with the outstanding polish musicians Anna and Arkadiusz Szafraniec from Gdansk, who form the Glass Duo that plays the biggest glass harp of the world:

Gluckfestspiele 2019 Video