Array Mbira

The array mbira is a hand – crafted modern musical instrument with a unique harp- or bell-like sound. It is made in the USA by Bill Wesley and Patrick Hadley in San Diego, California.It is a radical redesign of the african mbira and is part of the lamellaphone family.

Liner Notes

I get carried away immediately when I start to listen. CRYSTAL SILENCE brings us on a journey out into space, dreaming with eyes wide open.
The planets are passing by as we travel from one to another. PRIMAVERA : Waking up slowly in the morning, looking out over the foggy meadow at dawn. There is a reindeer jumping across the field. Running faster, she reaches the forest. We try to find the animal, but she has gone …….
HE: Now we are diving deep under the sea, away from the real world, into mystery, beautiful fishes are swimming beside us. Our minds are filled with
moments of the now. DAVE BUBECK : We are back at the railway station, waiting for the train to arrive. Its a stressful world, but I am trying to ignore that, with the belief that everything will be ok ……. LOZ ABRAZOS is one of my favorites on the album … sufficiently weird but still suggestive.

- Music cannot be described in words, but I tried to explain what kind of thoughts the new album by Izabella Effenberg could potentially give to the listener.
When she plays  the Array Mbira, she is telling  stories, that create many pictures. The sound is  dreamy, but also direct. I like the difference in the music from very sensitive simple themes, to the more complex, in terms of harmony and melody. I also hear a lot of other sounds, which are not in the compositions ; these appear only in my fantasy.
That is something I like in art : when the audience is given the opportunity to imagine things for themselves. Probably you will like it as much as I do, as there is so much beauty.

- Sit back and enjoy

Lars Danielsson